Best Binoculars for Birding Byer’s guide

In this guide, we will help you and answer all the questions like how to choose binoculars. Nikon Binoculars are the best products, but everyone’s expectations vary, so we will guide you about the features of the binoculars, which should be in your mind while buying a product. 

Moreover, with features like magnification, objective lens diameter, lens quality, coating, and field of view, we will tell you the best of best for you. So, let’s move on towards the buying guide of binoculars, which will help you in selection.

Field of view/ Exit Pupil

The image formed on the eyepiece for your eye to see called the exit pupil. Moreover, it is obtained by dividing the objective lens diameter with the magnification power, and the best binoculars should have a 7mm exit pupil. Further, this will give the maximum light to the eye, and this one is considered the best night vision binocular.

Lens Quality and Coating 

The quality of the lens ensures the edge-to-edge sharper and brighter images and the binoculars having the best quality lens considered the best night vision binocular, as it transmits more light in low light conditions.  

Furthermore, the high-quality lens ensures the best color reproduction of an image, and eyeglasses users always look for high eye points. Moreover, the best binoculars for hunting should have a high-quality lens. The coating on the glass should be dielectric and multi-coating as it prevents the reflection of light and permits maximum light to enter.

Objective Lens Diameter 

The objective lens is the one that determines the light which enters the binoculars. You get a clearer and sharper image in low light if you have a bigger size of an objective lens. Moreover, it is opposite to the eyepiece.  

Hence, the lens size comes in mm, and we write it after x. 10×25 and 10×42 in comparison to these two lenses, the second one will give a brighter and sharper image.


The magnification power has written with the x, and it means that it will show you the image nearer to you. For instance, if the magnification power is 18x, it means that it will magnify the subject eight times. If the material is 800 meters far from you, then the binocular will show you the material at 100 meters distance.  

Weight and eyestrain

If you are carrying a binocular for a long time, this will tire you. Moreover, you should consider the weight of the binocular while buying it. Similarly, you should check whether the binocular is taxing on your eye or not? 

However, you cannot use a regular binocular for more than a few minutes as it will cause eyestrain. The high-end binoculars can be used for several hours without causing any strain in the eye.


The binocular should be waterproof as it always used in outdoor activities. Moreover, it should also be fog proof, and it should prevent the internal fogging of the lens as it can blur the image.  

However, regular binocular can stay under a few drops of water. On the other hand, the high-end binoculars can stay safe for many hours, submerged in water.

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